Tree Removal & Tree Felling

Professional Tree Removal & Felling in Leeds, Wetherby, Tadcaster & Harrogate

Bardsey Tree Services are a family-run Tree Surgeons and we provide professional tree removal and tree felling services. We cover Leeds, Wetherby, Knaresborough & Harrogate areas. We are a long-established business with an excellent reputation in tree removal and all aspects of tree care. Our passion for trees and is evident in our approach to all things tree care! Our fully qualified Tree Surgeons that carry out Tree Removal are all City & Guilds qualified. Staff and public safety is a priority for our business. The equipment we use for our Tree Removal is well maintained and managed by professionals. You can be assured a professional, safe, and quality job at a competitive price.

Commercial & Residential Tree Services

Residential Tree Services Include: - Tree Removal - Tree Pruning - Tree Cutting - Tree Reduction - Tree Dismantling - Diseased Tree Removal - Tree Planting - Dead Wooding - Stump Grinding - Tree Root Removal - Emergency Tree Work - Tree Reports & Surveys - Tree Preservation Orders - Wood Chip....

Emergency Tree Removal

Do you have a tree emergency? Perhaps a tree has fallen onto your property, come down in the wind or is blocking a road or public pathway. If so we can help! We provide Emergency Tree Removal & Emergency Tree Surgery in the Yorkshire area. Bardsley Tree Service will attend to the matter as quickly as possible. We provide emergency tree services to businesses, public organisations, and residential properties.

Our Tree Services

Tree Removals & Tree Services - Conifer Removal & Reduction - Hedge Removal - Large Tree Removal Dangerous Tree Removal - Advice on Removal of Protected Trees (TPO's)- Emergency Tree Removal - Tree Clearance & Land Clearing

Planning Permission Relating to Removal of Trees

You may want to remove a tree on your property for a number of reasons. Perhaps it is blocking out your light or posing a danger to your property! We can help and advise on whether you will need permission from the local council in order to remove the tree. Some trees require permission to remove whilst others don’t. Should you need permission we can help you with this process too. Find help and guidance on planning applications for trees in Leeds by clicking on the link below,-guidance-notes-and-validation-criteria.aspx If you need Tree Removal Services please contact us today to arrange a Free Quotation. We have access to larger high capacity land clearing equipment. Such as mulchers, whole tree chippers, and hydraulic tree shears! Whatever your tree needs, please contact us to discuss: 01937 573 689 or click here